The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

is a friendship story. i know you think you have life is great but there is more then a good cool perfect life. let learn stuff

maria sunshine

all friend with me and you
with friend is better for you life

you will make a friend after being on this website. thank you so much from all my heart

you are special to me and you are special to yourself not alone. bullying is not powerful we are today and stay like this.

The animal is so cool and thing to help us and we help them. i know i talk about recycle is best to the world and trash is bad. i not talk why i want to do this. i have a pet turtle name sparky i love him so much but i give him away to another family. i know but i will get busy with high school i have no time for my pet. i love animal like butterfly and ladybug but you think what this do with recycle or trash. what is your favorite animal

the recycle and trash effect on earth.

i am so annoy with people throw paper, plastic and cardboard. i know this is silly to talk about just listen to this problem. you use paper and make a mistake and throw it away but on tree makes 16.67 reams of copy paper, or 8,333.3 sheets. i know this kind crazy but them have animal and keep carbon dioxide from us. the trash go to the land but i not know name but you think just there but you are wrong. the plastic in ocean is not get better think about animal eat our trash and die. you need to choice right thing and help one but not forget there is only earth often all. you just image you are a animal on tree or in ocean see how you feel but you see the truth and be sure to be good choice and help the people animal and our earth please.



and told them thanks to safe the world

Donald trump try to close the boarder

Mexico always trade with us and Donald trump want to build a wall. i know him try to be good president but this way is not right way.


you can believe a president to do a wall to block them then the president want to close the boarder. the president suppose help people and protect people but not close down of country.


why him do it or why him against them. why we trust him. you need to choice right thing and be good people or tell of people. president so be good support of people not destroy them. you are with him or against him.

i am not fan with donald trump but i will talk about friendship lesson next week

PS i don’t like him or pick good choice Donald trump

recycle is best for world

i know is trash is great but you apple, banana outside i not the name can help with plant or ground like deposit. i know i use paper but why them throw it you can use it again. i am thought about tree. image the world is sky is gray and full of factory or place with smoke and there is not much air and no animal. i know you thing weird tropic to talk about on your website but i am care about earth.


i am will show you good and bad side of throw trash okay

you throw away a paper or food way that good for food but not paper. i am talk no sense now but you see the truth https://archive.epa.gov/epawaste/nonhaz/municipal/web/html/


this other link https://www.wm.com/us/facility-locator

Image result for world without recycling
this is litter i know this just trash and what harm can do to animal

what harm trash can do to animal

google Wikipedia said this
have been found in the stomachs of fish, birds and whales, who have mistaken them for food. in the litter selection. i am not fan with animal get kill by trash but here is question how much trash you throw away.

i know you think how we can stop do this stuff

  • first don’t leave the sink on when you wash hand or brush your truth.
  • use both sides of paper
  • use paper plates or bring one from your home
  • then other stuff

i am a animal fan and not good with people change mind. people can about earth is great and be great and do recycle and do little stuff and remember turn off the light

from friendship town

maria sunshine or maria

recycle is cool bye

some feeling

i just want to be alone or sad but my mom want me be happy. i am joy and cry of happy but i so feel sad in me. i am not a greedy person but in mind i do some i think i am. i give people a another chance show them true themselves like me at one day. be happy and the day is bad turn it around to be good day again. everyone make a mistake sometime and laugh it out or cry. you think this silly but think to yourself i doing it right or i need to do it better before i am not like to be a boss kid but i do stuff right or wrong too i am a writer of this book and friendship but i am well help people feel like them belong to a place or a book i make like want to feel like.

from friendship


treat other people nice and them talk different

hola chicos soy yo maria sunshine i talk about different people talk different then me and you guy. i know i have some friend talk Spanish or other language. you coming from somewhere else is hard to get use of different thing you old home. them are like us but in other part of world. 

i am wonder to see you can tell which language i said but i try to do my best to pick good language for you guys

  • Encantada de conocerte
  • Cómo va su día
  • i just want to talk English sometime
  • Te llamaré de vuelta

i am want to treat them like good friend from other place you know but what to research on them come from or help them be part of your nation

friendship town well be back next week

by maria sunshine

we are different but we are do same thing and same people from god

like before martin king jr speech. look in back how black people treat like white treat them not nice and mean. and before women have no right but look how is in the past change from some war and stuff for women and black people but i just wonder is a Germany really do it the world war two or just me. i just so weird we are not same mean no bomb on japan and we not get in world war two japan not boom us the first place. like we are different but we make from god and our parent but some people have hard time be nice and kind to them and talk to them and get someone like a teacher or a counselor to them and be nice and listen to them like put your shoe in them. from maria sunshine

be your self

i am just want what is important in world and the answer is be your self. i am just want to be popular like Taylor swift but i love her song. you are like shy like a turtle but you want be like your friend not a turtle is a lion. the same way like your grade is not define you is your self, body, and great attitude to be great in world.

be your self by friendship town or maria

stop bullying and be a good friend

i am so annoy with bullying. you are a bullying or you deal with bullying.

here is some tip and quote

  1. ironing them
  2. force on study
  3. tell the teacher or parent
  4. don’t keep it in yourself
  5. get hel
  • Treat others as you wish to be treated

i am deal with bullying and is not okay of all. i am here to said i am a human like everyone else and treat people the same mean not treat them the same person but be nice to them. I am fine with good tease but not bad tease. you think about the person deal with at home or somewhere else or you think is fun for you but is not fun with the person.


look people deal with lot of bullying and people not help them. please help people out.

this is a quote of stop be a bullying
be a friend not a bullying

this is end of this stop bullying lesson